Dear Friends,

   After over 16 years of working as a Doula assisting families, specializing in helping teen mothers, VBAC's and others with special circumstances I decided to take the next step and become a Licensed Midwife.

   This has been one of the most meaningful events of my life. My love for birthing grew out of my own personal experience in giving birth. My first baby was a hospital born baby. The second was born in a Birth Center with the assistance of a midwife. The remainder of my children were born at home with the assistance of a midwife, into the loving presence of our family. Intermittently throughout the years I’d been given the privilege of helping women and their partners as they give birth.  I’ve always felt that given the information and the opportunity, a woman would gladly give birth with the support of her family around her.  As a Doula and a midwife, I have seen the awesome power of a woman as she decides to do just that.

   I have a deep love for birthing and a great respect for the birthing mother. And I love babies! I have 6 children of my own! My husband Joe and I have been married for 27 years, our children are Erica, Mara, Michael, Teresa, Elena, and Gabriel. 

   I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have. It doesn't matter if you are a client or not: I am always thrilled to empower and educate families to bring their babies into the world in the safest, gentlest, sweetest manner possible. Please be in touch.

All The Best!

Salli Gonzalez, LM, CPM



Salli Gonzalez, LM, CPM

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Salli Gonzalez, LM, CPM

Midwife Birthing Services in South Texas, San Antonio & Austin Areas

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...empowers the mother to create the safest, gentlest, most loving birth experience for mother, baby & family. based on the principle that gentle birth begins at conception and continues through the weaning years.

...holds the mother-child bond sacred, asserting that the Mamma/Baby continuum is foundational to overall wellness and character development on every level-




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Seguin, New Braunfels, Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City,

Austin, Luling, Lockhart, Kyle, Buda and surrounding areas.

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